About Us

SkyPhy is an open interdisciplinary collaborative R&D platform; Open innovation projects platform. Also Engineers social networks. Institutes, Scientists, Enterprises, Engineers work as project-based participator on it. Everyone is encouraged to works as a project manager who can quickly build up a project based team to conduct a new research or product/patents development. Open source advocates.


SkyPhy Lab. providing a sequence of technical supports for institutions or enterprises in fields of Internet, Cloud computing, Data analysis, Semiconductor.

Include but no limitied to patents, modeling & simulation services, software, algorithm, manufacture. 

We also invite everyone to engaged in the establishment of subsidiaries listed as below. All service SkyPhy provide are free.

SkyPhy Integrator to help commercialize intellectual property arising from research: patenting, licensing, spin-off. Output integrated novel features and functions.

SkyPhy Research is an independent research and advisory firm providing strategic advice and ongoing intelligence on emerging technologies.

SkyPhy Business Development distribute (local reputation and offer local technical support ) technologies and products for every external partners.

Fields we active

Web Application:

Muti-stack stream media processing.

Developer/Engineer Community Operation ;     Inspect and protect your Intellectual Property & Copyright.( software,  media, patents, even know how)

Tech Media Matrix (Twitter; Linkedin; Faccbook; Discord; Reddit etc.)

Cloud Native & HPC:

Fusion cloud and Muti-cloud-computing

Data processing based on deep learning

High Performance Computing

Information and Communication  Infrastructure:

GPU CPU integration  -  Engineer workstation - rendering farm

Parallel GPU array and FPGA integration,  IB networking

Semiconductor and Computing device:

Digital Integrated Circuits IP core for High Speed Communication, High Performance Computing or High Density Data Store.

Optical simulation software customized development.     Physics Simulation by High-Performance Computing for Wafer processing       Coding/ Modeling in Jupyter, Mathematica        Finite element analysis      ASIC/ FPGA/ PCB layout and quicker sampling     Semiconductor Instruments programming

Integrated photonics module solution for Senor and Data center