Artificial Intellegence Computing

The application of the high-performance computing

The computational earth and atmospheric sciences: to make a deep research to the ocean, the earth crust and the atmosphere system and to conduct the survey of the mines and petroleum, the early warning of the geological disasters and the accurate forecasting of the hurricane and rainstorm by means of establishing geodynamics analog system.

The computational biology and the bioinformatics: to precisely analyze the nucleic acid, protein sequences, genetic polymorphism, gene expression profile, protein expression profiling making full use of the numerical calculation to make up the insufficiencies of the experimental method.

Biomedical engineering: to replace the experimental method by virtue of the data of the virus and compound for the purpose of matching the particular virus and compound in order to speed up the triturate of the drugs.

The computational chemistry and the computational physics: to set up the microcosmic scale atomic model so as to analyze the physic and chemical natures of the alloy and compound by emulating the electronic movements, expecting to discover, design and manufacture the powerful new materials.

The materials science and engineering simulation: to adopt the technology of the finite-element analysis, instead of the long-term and high cost experimental test in order to conduct the performance analysis and assessment to the overall units of the large scale engineering equipments, spacecrafts, ships, vehicles and electrical products.